for students, faculty and staff of the participating centers

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Our philosophy

We believe that a person's wellness has many domains including emotional, mental, spiritual, intellectual, physical, medical, vocational, environmental, financial, and recreational wellness.

Based on an individual level these domains interact in a complex way and have a strong impact on a person's health. Self-care plays an important role to build up our own resources and has strong potential to positively influence health and wellness across the lifespan.

Individuals that are motivated to build-up their own resources are usually confronted with a large amount of scattered information much of which is contradictory or without an evidence base.

Our program was designed to overcome these obstacles and to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff at medical universities that train future health care professionals. It reflects a multidimensional, individualized approach that is clear, comprehensive and includes only content that has an evidence base. The title of the program "medicalĀ" -self-care reflects our deep commitment to evidence-based medicine.

Although the impact of organic food on health and wellbeeing is still unclear we believe that it is an important factor within the context of healthy environment.